Freddie in the Field
Freddie in the field

Freddie in the Field is a weekly podcast hosted by DMV-native and world-famous conversationalist “Innkeeper Freddie”, owner/operator of Union Inn in Washington, DC. Armed with a microphone and an audio recorder, Freddie ventures outside the Full Service Radio’s studio (i.e. “the field”) to cover notable District events/happenings with his unique brand of field reporting. Freddie’s collection of DMV luminaries and personalities of note from “the field” are also brought in-studio for lively discussion and discourse.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    Matt Green

    Matt Green is the co-founder of one of the hottest and fastest-growing running “crews” in the region—the District Running Collective (aka ‘DRC’). DC-born and -bred (#Petworth), Matt recounts the genesis of DRC and its subsequent evolution into an internationally-recognized running crew hosting weekly runs of 100+ runners/week. Freddie and Matt also discuss DRC’s retail and philanthropic partnerships, races/marathons of note, and the successes/challenges DRC has experienced as a minority-majority running crew over the last 5 years and running (see what I did there ;-).

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    Curry Hackett

    Freddie sits down with design consultant Curry Hackett to discuss his journey from the farmlands of Farmville, VA to DC where as a non-music major at Howard University he earned his spot as a ‘varsity’ jazz trombonist in one of the most prestigious collegiate jazz ensembles in the world (#HUJE). His current venture, Hackreative, is an ecologically-minded design studio based here in the District promoting sustainable design and development.

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    Short Term Rental Legislation in the District

    Freddie went downtown to the Wilson Building on October 16, 2018 to witness the DC Council's vote on the proposed Bill 22-92, also known as the "Short-Term Rental Regulation and Affordable Housing Protection Act of 2018." In this episode he shares and discusses the interviews he had that day with those both for and against the bill.

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    Desdemona Works

    Freddie brings in "Jane of all Trades" Desdemona Works for an in-studio interview covering her varied talents and ventures of creative expression.

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    The Kavanaugh-Blasey Ford Hearings

    "How much of one's high school life should carry over into their adult life?" In this very first in-studio episode of "Freddie in the Field", Freddie discusses the varied answers he received from those in attendance at the Brett Kavanaugh-Cristine Blasey Ford hearings at the Dirksen Senate office building on September 27, 2018.